The Premium Beverage Package includes glasses of Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Coke No Sugar, Sprite, tonic water, soda water, ginger ale, 600ml bottled water, juice blends, mocktails, beer, ciders, wine, cocktails and spirits up to and including a value of AU$13 per individual item. Items exceeding AU$13 are not included and full charges will apply to these items. Drinks can only be purchased one at a time by the guest who has purchased the package. If multiple drinks are purchased at one time, the most expensive drink(s) (that is $13 or under) will count towards the drink(s) package and the other drink(s) will be charged to the guest’s onboard account.
The Premium Beverage Package does not include energy drinks, espresso coffee drinks, T2 beverages, in-room bottled water or apply to room service, food, merchandise items, events, special promotions, sponsorships, charitable partnerships or tastings, beverage and merchandise packaged items, New Zealand Natural ice cream products or cover charges.
Alcoholic beverages purchased on our Premium Beverage Package will be limited to 15 beverages per person, per 24-hour period (6am to 6am). This limit applies to packages purchased as part of our retail campaigns, pre-cruise (both online and via the call centre), and also onboard. Alcoholic beverages requested above this limit are charged at regular menu prices. Beverages will be served one drink per order, per eligible guest. Service is always subject to P&O Cruises Australia’s Responsible Service of Alcohol policy, which includes an ability to restrict service. Non-alcoholic beverages have no daily limit.